A family of schools
with shared values


Bringing together a community of schools

The Wolds Learning Partnership brings together a community of schools, to ensure they retain their own unique ethos, identity, name and Governing Body structure. The intention is to ensure our community and church schools remain rooted within and at the heart of our communities.

We believe it is crucial that we remain accountable to our parents, villages, communities and are, therefore, aiming to establish an alternative and collaborative approach, to share best practice across all schools. We feel it is important that we establish a Trust that reects our values and ethos, as we believe as a family of schools, we have a responsibility to plan for the future, to ensure we do the very best for our children, teachers, schools and our communities.

Work with us

Our children

The schools hope that in partnership and through the creation of the Trust we will be able to continue to provide vision, care and support. It is important, the partnership believes, to protect our local schools, and to bring stability in an ever-changing educational world, so that as schools we can focus on what really matters: our children.


Our five principles

A Trust Board that aspires for our children to have high expectations and high outcomes both in school and within the wider community.

A Trust Board that recognises the importance of a sense of local belonging and the empowerment of its local communities.

A Trust Board whose principal remit will be the oversight of quality educational outcomes across the partnership, underpinned by prudent financial management.

A Trust Board that incorporates expertise in the areas of teaching, school improvement, finance, employment law and educational law.

Trust Board that is innovative, promotes collaboration and is outward looking.


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