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Our ITE Programme

What does the Initial Teacher Education Programme involve?

Our ITE Programme<br><br><small>What does the Initial Teacher Education Programme involve? </small>

Our Programme

The ITE programme involves partnerships between universities and schools to provide professional education and development for student teachers.

It is a full-time course that runs for a complete academic year, and on successfully completing the ITE programme, you will be awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from York St John University, with your graduation ceremony taking place in York Minster.

Our ITE Programme offers both a PGCE in Primary Education and a PGCE in Secondary Education, a list of our courses is shown below:

  • Primary Education including:
    • Primary Education (3-7)
    • Primary Education (7-11)
  • Secondary Art & Design
  • Secondary Design & Technology
  • Secondary English
  • Secondary Geography
  • Secondary History
  • Secondary Mathematics
  • Secondary Modern Foreign Languages
  • Secondary Physical Education
  • Secondary Religious Studies
  • Secondary Science: Biology
  • Secondary Science: Chemistry
  • Secondary Science: Physics


Course Detail

Over the course of the academic year, you will be spending time at both York St John University and the Wonder Learning Partnership Schools. After an initial induction period at York St John University, you will move to your first school centred placement at your base school. There are three school centred placements over the course of the year.

  • Placement one and three will be in your base school
  • Placement two will be in a different school with a contrasting environment, so you can experience different types of schools.

During your programme there will be opportunities for enrichment activities and experiential placements. This will range from spending time in nursery, primary and secondary schools and will be dependent on your chosen phase of teaching.

Throughout your course you remain in close contact with York St John, by attending the university on a regular basis, to do your own independent academic study and to take part in a wide variety of lectures and activities, that support your teaching pedagogy and enhance your subject knowledge.


Intensive Training and Practice Days (ITAPs)

Put Theory into Practice

New for 2024, all student teachers will be participating in ITAPs, these are days devoted to helping student teachers to put theory into practice and will cover key “foundational areas in learning” that all student teachers should know before finishing their training year. These will focus on slightly different areas depending on whether you follow a PGCE primary or PGCE secondary, but student teachers will all do ITAPs on key areas like inclusion.


A step to a full master’s qualification

Enhancing your experience

We are passionate about providing the best course for you to fulfil your potential and our partnership offers an exceptional opportunity for your teaching development.

The PGCE involves two master level modules which represent one third of a full master qualification.

Master Modules

Module One: relates to teaching, learning and assessment.

Module Two: relates to wider professional learning.


Locations: Your Placement Schools

Our family has a number of schools available for you to complete your school centred placements. We will structure placements across the Wonder Learning Partnership to give you experience best suited to your career path.

Please take some time getting to know our family >


How school placements work

This PGCE is a school-centred route and hence the majority of your time will be spent in school.  For the majority of the year, you will be in your base school and will do a second school placement for 6 weeks during the Spring term before returning to your base school for the remainder of the programme.

This school experience provides structured opportunities for you to observe experienced teachers and other professionals and support you in progressively building your confidence towards independent teaching. You will be given the opportunity to participate in all aspects of school life and the wider school context. For example, you will attend school meetings, and participate in school professional development activities, that will support you in developing your knowledge and understanding of the whole school environment. We build a range of experiential and enrichment opportunities into the programme to further support your journey into the teaching profession.

You will be supported on your school placements by a mentor and other school staff, as well as university tutors, who are all committed to your education and training and work together to secure your progress and development.

Once qualified, we continue to support you as you transition from ITE into your first teaching role, and you will have a dedicated staff member for this at YSJ.

We have a strong record of employment for our PGCE with many of our student teachers being employed in partnership schools. Ofsted (2002) indicated that ‘transition into employment as an early career teacher (ECT) is particularly strong’.