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Melbourne Primary School
Ages 3-11

Our core values underpin all aspects of our school life:

Care     Imagine     Believe     Strive     Achieve

We create a safe and stimulating environment where we respect the property of others and ourselves; we show respect and understanding and will recognise and respect individuality and children’s differing experiences.

We nurture all forms of creativity, delivering a curriculum that develops each child where originality is valued and we encourage communication, thinking skills and problem solving.

We believe in the limitless potential of our learners and that through expert teaching and support all children can achieve a high standard. Our aim is to enable everyone to realise their full potential, to encourage self-motivation and encourage children to be proud of their own achievements.

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Stamford Bridge Primary School
Ages 3–11

Stamford Bridge Primary – a popular school, held in high regard by the community it serves. The school offers high quality teaching and excellent pastoral care. We attract families from Stamford Bridge and neighbouring villages.

Our dedicated and hardworking staff team are committed to ensuring our children do well in all that they do. Our expectations are high and achievements and successes of all kinds are expected and celebrated. We try to make learning creative, stimulating, inclusive and fun with plenty of challenge and collaboration.

Our children leave Stamford Bridge with the skills and tools they need to become lifelong learners who are responsible, respectful, and exemplary members of their community.

Our ethos is under-pinned by a school motto and our 4 ‘best’ values,

Nurturing a love of learning through excellence, inspiration and wonder.

Believe • Engage • Succeed • Together

We believe a close partnership between home and school is central to achieving this and look forward to working with you and your child throughout their time at Stamford Bridge Primary School.

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Pocklington Junior School
Ages 7–11

We pride ourselves on being a community of ambitious, respectful and committed individuals. At Pocklington Junior School, we meet the needs of each child, promote positive values, and aim to make each day enjoyable and rewarding. School life is for both adults and children underpinned by the concept of respect; for ourselves, for others and for the wider community. We have unashamedly high expectations of behaviour and attitude towards learning; no one can be the best at everything, but we expect everyone to try their best on a daily basis and aim high in everything they do.

Our provision is geared toward developing individual talents and celebrating success in all aspects of school life. However, our school is only one half of the story – we know that parents are the most vital role models. We need your support to work alongside our dedicated staff to help your children reach their potential.

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Woldgate School and Sixth Form College
Ages 11–18

Everything you do should be worthy of great merit, character and value.

Woldgate is a positive, warm and welcoming school where pupils aim to do their very best and take pride in their achievements. By constantly challenging our pupils to excel, we nurture aspirations and strive to cultivate a lifelong love of learning in our young people.

We provide a creative, safe and caring environment where every child is known and cared for as an individual. In this climate, every young person has the opportunity to thrive as they develop in personality, character and intellect and become highly successful learners and individuals.

We believe we provide a unique education for our young people. As a school at the heart of the community it serves, we work in partnership to ensure our children not only receive a broad and balanced education, but also have the opportunity to enjoy the Yorkshire Wolds and make a wider contribution to the area in which they live.

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Longcroft School & Sixth Form College
Ages 11-18

School Partner

Great heart, thought and vision.

At Longcroft we believe that every child should be known and cared for as an individual. We are an inclusive, welcoming community which, with the support of parents, provides a caring, safe and welcoming environment in which to learn and grow. We are a school where your child’s individual gifts and talents can flourish.

Our partnership with parents is at the heart of our success as a school. We believe good communication is essential to ensure you are kept informed. As a parent we want you to feel part of our community and able to effectively support your child and our school. We will, therefore, work hard to establish a positive partnership that will support your child and you as a parent. Through our weekly newsletter we will also share the many successes, opportunities and events that are available throughout the school year. You will also be welcome to join our Friends of Longcroft School Association, run by parents on behalf of our children and the school.

We are, as a school, true to our values, offering a rich and varied range of enrichment opportunities, outside the formal curriculum. From our drama productions, music and sport our young people have a vast array of choices. In addition, our Skills for Life programme provides our children with those skills that are highly sought by employers and universities, for instance, leadership, communication, organisation and teamwork.

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Caedmon College
Ages 11-16

School Partner

Excellence I Friendship I Respect

The College combines strong academic achievement and excellent facilities with excellent pastoral care – the welfare and happiness of our students is a top priority. Students form enduring friendships at the College, fostered by the fantastic community spirit that is evident here. This, alongside the intellectual, physical and cultural interests that students develop provides them with skills for life.

Our aim is to provide students with a curriculum that is committed to delivering academic success and providing an environment where individual learners thrive and become confident, independent and informed citizens of the future.

Through our curriculum and approaches and support we aim to challenge students to achieve more than they thought possible.

From day one, we want our students to be happy, challenged and excited about coming to our school and build upon their learning experiences at primary school. They will experience a curriculum which constantly reinforces the core values of friendship, excellence and respect whilst providing engaging and challenging experiences both within and outside the classroom.

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Eskdale School
Ages 11-16

School Partner

A place of belonging I A place of inspiration

We are a caring and supportive school community providing high challenge and support for our students. There is a very special atmosphere at Eskdale School; visitors note the calm, purposeful and supportive environment. We value every child as an individual and understand the importance of ensuring students are as happy and settled in school as they can be. We understand that this is essential for successful learning.

Over the last few years Eskdale School has been through many important changes including becoming an 11-16 secondary school in its own right, as well as federating with Caedmon College and Whitby Sixth Form. Working together in collaboration will enable us all to increase the academic offer, develop extra-curricular activities and create new opportunities that all our students deserve.

Our school values:


Our community is our strength. The integration of students, through the pastoral and house system, underpins all that we do. Most importantly, we care for the happiness of others and speak up if we see injustice or prejudice. Our staff and students feel part of something bigger than themselves, not just during their time at school, but for the rest of their lives.


We nurture those in our community to develop and apply good moral values of fairness and restorative justice. We aim to have consistency in our actions, focusing on treating each other fairly. We use restorative conversations to build and develop a strong foundation of trust across the school. Most importantly, our community is defined by the respect we show one another.


Our community strives to be intellectually curious across a breadth of academic and extra-curricular strands. Our aim is for pupils to be multi-dimensional, to seek out opportunities for growth, and to develop a set of transferable skills fit for the global marketplace. We will prepare young minds to embrace new challenges as they present themselves.


We recognise that we have a moral obligation to serve, support and treat others with dignity. We will seek out opportunities to improve and enrich the community and lives of others. We will use our circumstances to aid others with charity and compassion in the wider community of Whitby.


Being part of our community means caring for others and creating happiness for one another. This generosity of spirit will help develop high levels of emotional intelligence within our students. We will treat others with a kind heart and greater understanding.


We take pleasure in everything we do for our community with a sense of fun and enjoyment. Through striving to be the best version of ourselves, by engaging in our education, we aim to enjoy our lives and make ourselves and those around us happy and proud.


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Whitby Sixth Form College
Ages 16-19

School Partner

Excellence I Friendship I Respect

Our aim is clear. Whitby deserves a first-class facility for all post 16 students in the area and we are proud of our teaching, support and facilities.

We are ambitious for our students and work together to help them achieve and move on to greater things. Our pastoral care is strong. The sixth form team knows our students well and work tirelessly to bring out the best in them.

We are proud to be an inclusive Sixth Form and offer courses from Level 1 to Level 3. We offer a range of enrichment activities in addition to a supportive personal coaching system which helps to extend a young person’s learning.

Whitby Sixth Form has a reputation for ambitious targets and excellent results both academically and personally. At Whitby Sixth Form we aim to enable all our students to reach their full potential by providing a broad range of courses and opportunities.

Students are able to study a range of courses including A-Level and Level BTEC Vocational courses, we also offer a Level 2 vocational course and GCSE resits, along with our Foundation Learning programme. This means that students of all abilities can follow a pathway tailored to their individual aspirations and interests.

Every year, a number of students go on to study at top universities and take up places on apprenticeships with leading providers. Whitby’s vibrant sixth form encourages students to immerse themselves not only in their academic studies but in the many enrichment opportunities on offer, helping them to develop new skills, interests and friendships.

Students enjoy outstanding facilities in all faculties as well as in the sixth form campus which has social and study areas as well as its own bistro. Pastoral support and expert guidance are on hand to help students settle into sixth form life and to plan the next stage of their journey.

At Whitby Sixth Form, we are proud to offer a caring, supportive and high-achieving sixth form which enables all students to flourish and to develop the skills and confidence they need for a fast-paced and challenging world.

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Joining our family

We welcome all opportunities to work with colleagues from schools across the region. There are several opportunities available to work with us from becoming a strategic partner, utilising our Institute of Education, joining as a Cluster Partner, and of course becoming your home if you are looking to join a Trust.

Becoming a part of the Wonder family is something truly special and we look forward to hearing from you.

It is important, once schools have made the decision to join our partnership, that they feel fully supported in that venture. We will, therefore, allocate a leader to oversee the process, to support colleagues at your school and to liaise with external agencies. We aim to make the process as smooth as possible and to minimise any impact upon the operation, leadership, or governance of the school, providing key updates and managing the technicalities, so you can remain focused on the children.

Joining our {family}

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