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23 May 2024

Opening Doors with Effective Writing

In September 2023, Trust primaries met for a full-day workshop on writing. The workshop represented a culmination of months of hard work from primary ...

23 February 2024

Curriculum Intent & Curriculum Courage

In designing a curriculum – given its prevalence in the judgement of quality of education – much pre-eminence is rightly given to coverage of ...

22 January 2024

Ofsted outcome adds to national recognition for Longcroft School

Longcroft School and Sixth Form are celebrating the outcome of their recent Section 5 Ofsted Inspection, which has further validated the school’s exceptional progress ...

11 January 2024

Reading and Vocabulary

Wittgenstein said that “the limits of my language mean the limits of my world”. While linguists now agree that concepts are not wholly bound ...

11 January 2024

Curriculum Conversation: Making the Connection

In the primary setting, as one teacher for the most part will deliver the full curriculum, interleaving within a year is a natural and ...

11 January 2024

Behave Yourself: The critical role of the curriculum

So…you have drafted or revised your behaviour guidance? You are confident that it now links explicitly to your vision and values. Clear rewards and ...

11 December 2023

The Curriculum Conversation

The curriculum conversation starts with this contribution from Prime Minister James Callaghan – then Prime Minister – taken from a speech at Ruskin College, ...

11 November 2023

Curriculum Rationale

Ofsted’s School Inspection Handbook states that “inspectors will consider the extent to which the school’s curriculum sets out the knowledge and skills that pupils ...

6 November 2023

Welcome to the Haematology Department!

Pupils at Melbourne Primary School have taken their learning to a new level already this term by making replica blood to learn all about ...

6 November 2023

The Big Conversation – Series 1: Our Vision

Welcome to ‘The Big Conversation’ at the Wonder Learning Partnership where you can be a part of shaping our Trust. It is time to ...

20 October 2023

What is Female Genital Mutilation or FGM?

The World Health Organisation defines FGM as “…all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to ...

16 October 2023

The Benefits of Peer Observation in Teaching: Learning from Each Other

Malcolm Gladwell first introduced the notion of the ‘10,000-hour rule’ to a mass audience in his book ‘Outliers’ in 2008. Here it is claimed ...