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Using the EEF Instructional Framework to Improve the Quality of Teaching and Learning

Type: Physical
Date: Thursday, 9th May, 2024
Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: IoE Wolds, KP Resort, Pocklington
Course Code: WW19
Using the EEF Instructional Framework to Improve the Quality of Teaching and Learning

Course Info

When the EEF’s Metacognition and Self-Regulated guidance report was first published in 2018, it introduced a raft of new terms and new ideas. At its heart, it explored how metacognition and self-regulation was key to developing independent learners. Since then, research papers and educational advisers have spoken about metacognition as something you do rather than something that is inherent in teaching practice.

This course will explore how we can develop approaches to lesson planning that – at all stages – allow pupils to become independent learners who can think strategically and evaluate their own learning.

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Training Aims

  1. To understand why the attainment gap exists, and to reframe our approach from ‘attainment’ to ‘knowledge’.
  2. To explore teaching approaches aimed at creating a culture of high challenge for all.

Intended Audience

Classroom practitioners from KS2 to KS4.


Kirsty McMurdo - Trust Head of Teaching and Practitioner Development

Before being appointed as the Trust Head of Teaching and Practitioner Development Kirsty was employed at Archbishop Holgate School in York and during her time there was a Head of Department, Assistant Headteacher and part of a Teaching and Learning Team. She delivered whole-school training on effective reading strategies, exam techniques, and marking and feedback; implemented a whole-school marking and feedback policy; worked with members of staff to improve their planning and teaching; led ITT training sessions; and mentored both ITTs and NQTs.

As Head of English, she was responsible for curriculum design from Year 7 to Year 13. She developed a cross-phase approach from Key Stage 2 and 3 to effectively manage pupils’ academic transition. She designed a rigorous Key Stage 3 curriculum that built on the principles of Key Stage 2 and worked with the Primary Consultant for York to quality assure individual schemes of work. The department remained high performing throughout her tenure and achieved a Progress 8 of +0.8.

She was involved in delivering whole-school training; meeting with Heads of Department to create bespoke departmental policies; delivering ‘effective marking’ sessions to ITT students, NQTs and staff who were new to the school; and providing teachers with practical strategies to improve marking. She also led on the school’s involvement as a control school for a FLASH marking trial, which explores the effectiveness of coded marking.

During her employment at the Trust Kirsty has led on a whole Trust reading strategy which has resulted in one school ranked as one of the top 5% in the country.

Using the EEF Instructional Framework to Improve the Quality of Teaching and Learning

Course Cost: £49.00

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